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 Let me explain the vision (for Cairo Groups)

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PostSubject: Let me explain the vision (for Cairo Groups)   Mon Mar 12, 2007 12:33 pm

Dear all in Cairo,

Let me explain my vision.
You have it in a way on my website when I explain the Faculty of Mysticism.
Mysticism, spirituality, spiritual theology are the same for me, they are the Topic, or even the Faculty that develops, explains, presents, and make research in the relationship between God and the human being that let him reach the maximum of his spiritual development. This development has different phases, and the main two are: "union with God" ("spiritual marriage", or "acquisition of the Holy Spirit") and "the fullness of charity".

We have a small idea of this Science in the fourth part of the Catechism of the Catholic Church that is dedicated to spiritual life, "prayer", and the explanation of the Prayer of the Lord. But since this fourth part is the fountain for the three others, and since this fourth part teaching is the main one for all of us in order to get the Life of God in the best and most direct way, and since it is the most vital and decisive teaching for our lives here on earth, we need to become experts and well formed in this matter, this science. This is the only mandatory science we need to learn on earth: how to love God with all our heart and all our energy.

Since this topic is today still very poorly known, exposed and taught we need to act and this is my vision and plan:

Today, in our generation, as a first step (foundations step) that requires a lot of work and skill, we need to constitute what can call a "body of doctrine", a substantial contents of teaching on this spiritual theology.

This is urgent and is the actual task and can't be dismissed, and has to be realised first, because it is the foundations on which other generations can built their life, activities, and pastoral life (spiritual life).

This is why I am dedicating all my energy in building this "corpus doctrinae" ("body of doctrine" in latin) of spiritual life. I am doing it according to the common Living Tradition of the Eastern and Western church. My frame is catholic, but it doesn't exclude any orthodox input because it always embodies the Eastern theology that we always need, as the Pope John Paul II said: "we need to breath with both lungs" (Western and Eastern Living Tradition of the Church).

I already shaped – it is traditional to do so – spiritual life in three levels as you know. Each level is like a full year in university where we need to learn many things. But of course, it goes without any doubt, that learning is not by the mind but also with all our being.

My aim is to establish very clearly (in a written way), as much as I can, and in a modern way, these three years of teaching. To define and shape, and transmit the contents of these 3 years of teaching: a whole "corpus doctrinae spirituale" a "body of spiritual doctrine".

In order to achieve so, I need your help and collaboration, your skills and the quality of your work and spiritual life.

In order to define this "corpus doctrinae" we need to put it in transmittable way: written and audio/video etc… this is why I am asking all of you to help, each according to his capacity and free time and will.
Your help will help it be realised in Arabic. Because this already started in my main and source language: French. It started after also in Italian and in English.

Now, as you noticed, we are starting with the first level course and we will put it, in the best way we can, God willing, into a written form. So many can access this vital and essential knowledge.

This enterprise is opened to everybody. It is not restricted. Here only the skills count. I don't choose people instead of others. The best available people are called to work. But please remember that in this large scaled task, we need all sorts of skills, and the smallest and most humble tasks and skills are essential, like: revising, correcting, editing etc…

Please do transmit this message to all.
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Let me explain the vision (for Cairo Groups)
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