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PostSubject: Methodology   Tue May 12, 2009 9:04 am

While I was reading some of your Essays I felt that I needed to remind you some Methodology issues that you all know. The Licentiate level requires the scientific quality and accuracy. One does expect the following minimum:

I- Presentation and structure

- Cover Page
- Plan
- Introduction
- Footnotes (One can't say something without giving your source in a footnote. No copy-paste, etc.)
- Part I: (If applicable (gathering information, analysis of the texts of the author etc))
- Paragraphs, titles, etc.
- Part II: (If applicable (discussion, criticising, developing, etc))
- Paragraphs, titles etc.
- Partů
- Conclusion
- Bibliography

II- It is obvious that a good quality Essay is at least:

a) "Philosophically" sound:

Clarity, logic, coherence-homogenous. Reading carefully the author/s (as much as possible stick to the authors and what he/she says), objectivity, method.

b) "Theologically" sound:

Rooted in Theology? (Dogma, etc.)

And, what I am looking for is, how it is :

c) "Spiritual Theology" wise sound:

One needs to take into account the added elements of the methodology mentioned at the first lesson of the Course. Since the Course is about the "practical" aspect of the Prayer of the heart, it is important not to loose the focus on the practical aspects. They have their theory.

These are just few obvious points.

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