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 A letter on "divine partnership" with the Holy Spi

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PostSubject: A letter on "divine partnership" with the Holy Spi   Tue May 29, 2007 6:35 am

Dear friends
I found this deep and practical letter on how to be guided by the Holy Spirit. It's style, I think, belongs to the Ignatian school. Anyway, this doesn't matter, we can read it and find a lot in it.

A letter to a friend on "divine partnership" with the Holy Spirit

Hope you're doing ok and feeling more centred.

You'll be fine you just need to fine-tune exactly what your path is at this important point in your life and how best to channel your extraordinary and much-needed skills. The universe has shown you sooo many signs that you are on and/or very near 'the right path' with so much of what you're doing... but you're flying by wire.. and when we do this it's not logic that will guide us, it's our intuition.. through quiet times of reflection the Holy Spirit can guide us back on the path.

You are so guided - because you are on your path - but the Holy Spirit can see you may need to tweak what you're doing to be fully in flow.. when we feel lost at times like this, when you know you are so close but something feels wrong it is a gift.. He doesn't want you to waste time trotting off down the wrong path.. He needs you to listen in to His guidance.. you are so very important to Him.. but He needs you to listen more than ever to what 'feels' right.. and the signs will begin to flow.
Everyone who leaps off the cliff into the great unknown is taking a huge leap of faith.. we are brave but we are also the lucky ones, because we are already connecting to the 'divine flow' and that is the purpose of life. As you know.. it is THE greatest feeling. To get so much guidance and help from the Holy Spirit.. is an honour and a gift. When the signs come never forget them... go through them all in your mind... wow see.. there are soooooo many.. these signs can give you confidence at times when you feel you're confused or down or stuck. There are so many times you've been guided.. trust that THERE IS NO WAY YOU ARE NOT BEING GUIDED NOW.

I know from having done it.. ride the 'mood swings' because in them is the chance for a stronger connection and clearer guidance.. when you're feeling down or lost.. this is the time to regroup and quieten the mind and ask for guidance.. and signs.. they will come.. ask for signs.. they will come from every direction.. large or small but they will be there we just need to look out for them. Trust your feelings. What feels 'right' what feels 'wrong' acknowledge that.. don't use logic to shut that avenue off.. explore the avenues that feel right but don't act yet... ask for signs to 'validate' that this is the right direction.. keep asking for signs to validate the feeling. When you've had enough signs you will 'know' it. Then you can move with confidence in that direction.

It may be small steps.. little chunks of feeling right and then it will feel wrong.. go back in your mind to retrace where the feeling changed from feeling right to feeling wrong - that is the point that you deviated from the right path.. go back in your mind to that point and start again asking them for guidance for the next step... wait... get the intuition, the feeling.. importantly, the signs and then move forward. This is what I call 'fine-tuning' with the Holy Spirit the guidance. And it works.

Definitely suspend logic as the primary filter for your thoughts while you're doing this exercise. I've always found this is an exercise of great importance as it starts a dialogue and exercises an energetic 'muscle' between Him and you. Don't give a stuff what people think.. if they don't understand they're not connected and therefore their opinion is rooted in earthbound expectations and rules and limitations and of no use.

When we're feeling connected and in the flow.. we know we're on the right path.. it's a delicate balance.. to keep on the path but to navigate your life by this 'feeling' in my humble experience is something you learn you can totally trust. HE will NEVER abandon you because He needs you too. It is a divine partnership.

I'll stop now - not sure why I wrote all of that... but maybe something in this will resonate...

We move from the centre outwards.. just as in nature...

with all love
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A letter on "divine partnership" with the Holy Spi
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